WNY School of Hockey

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The foundation of the WNY School of Hockey is built on the basis of passion, motivation, and hard work. Our team of highly skilled professionals strives to provide kids of all ages and skill level, with a positive framework for success, self-enhancement, and maturation through both instruction and supportive nurturing. With an emphasis on teamwork, the WNY School of Hockey provides not only skill development, but also character development applicable to all aspects of the kids growing process, while maintaining a fun and exciting, yet challenging environment.


It is no secret that the game of hockey itself has evolved over the last 10 years, and with it, so has the face. The generation gap among the professional hockey scene has certainly shortened, geared more towards the younger, faster, fancier player, and that's what we at WNY School of Hockey offer. Our camps and clinics are run by todays generation of players; those that are grinding their way through the amateur scene determined to make it in the big leagues. Our coaches are playing todays game, living todays game, day in and day out taking the mental reps necessary to build an all around stellar player, and it's that, that sets the WNY School of Hockey apart from our competition. Our pledge is to teach both the physical and mental toughness of the game, all while creating a fun and inviting atmosphere. Simply stated, we are TODAYS game!

Development Camp for ALL Ages and Skill Levels!

We are the Premier Ice Hockey Camp at The Northtown Center!

Our Camps Offers:

  • Edges/Balance

  • Speed Training

  • Checking Techniques

  • Puck Control

  • Small Area Games

  • Defensive techniques

  • Coaching to improve skills and developing muscle memory

  • Positioning4u

  • And Much More!